One Eleven Flyer

This was a flyer I created for one of Lincoln Property Company’s listings in downtown Orlando. It’s centralized location makes it desirable real estate for creative businesses, and is home to diverse tenants such as technology startups, digital marketing firms, law offices and more.

I wanted the look to be clean and crisp, yet approachable. The cover is emblazoned with the building’s grandoise main entrance. It is accessorized with one of the building’s 44-foot new murals completed by a local artist on one side. The downtown art scene is part of a vibrant culture and is truly the pulse of the area; the building reflects that, allowing it to be a canvas for the murals, completed in August 2015.

The flyer moves fluidly, offering another attractive perspective of the building’s detail and another part of the mural, with delicate imagery of it’s lobbies and a breathtaking view of downtown’s Lake Eola from the 29th floor lounge at dusk. One more shot of a street-view and another entrance with glimpses of more murals, followed by detailed stack plans and finished with a bold, simple back cover. This piece of marketing collateral is used for marketing to potential tenants and real estate brokers.

  • Role Designer, writer

  • For Lincoln Property Company

  • Date October 2015

  • Type Real Estate Marketing Flyer

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